Personal Narratives

Everyone's personal narrative is worth telling, whether it's a story with wide commercial appeal or a private legacy. Read an individual's life journey and a one-of-a kind world unfolds, ruled by its own internal logic, discoveries, and detours. But writing about one's own past can be daunting, if not impossible. Enter a literary guide—a combination collaborator, confidant and amanuensis—who can make writing your personal narrative easy and fun.

My training as an anthropologist enables me to tease out, document and organize your experiences and illuminate your life's trajectory. Layer by layer, through one-on-one interviews, photographs, letters and other sources of personal ephemera, your story is revealed. Then, using my skills as a published non-fiction author, I shape this material into a dramatic, accurate, insightful account, the way you want your narrative to be told.

The Village I Knew: My Life as an Anthropologist in a Mayan Mam Community
by Laurie Levin (eventually)