Ghostwriting and Editing

Not everyone who has a great idea for a book knows how to write one. Fortunately, it's a problem with a solution. Choosing a seasoned collaborator to help is the first step. But that's just the beginning of the process—co-crafting a dynamic and saleable book proposal for a literary agent or writing a fully realized manuscript for a publisher involves more than simply “putting pen to paper.” More than anything, it takes the right kind of working relationship to get the job done.

After years of ghostwriting, co-authoring and editing book assignments, I know this: no two projects—or writing partnerships—are exactly alike. Because each is different, we begin by exploring how to tailor my skills and services to fit your precise needs. Some clients seek assistance in framing and organizing their subject; others request extensive editorial guidance; while still others choose not to compose a sentence themselves. Whatever, your specific preferences, together, we create a collaboration plan – flexible enough to reflect your evolving vision, but disciplined enough to deliver your completed project on time and on target.

I worked closely with Laurie on a book project in 2004. I found her to be helpful not only in improving my writing, but also with shaping the structure of the book proposal. As a direct result of her advice and feedback, I was able to get a major agent to represent me on the strength of my first-ever proposal.

—Michael Sigman
Publisher of the LA Weekly (1983-2002)